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The Tackler is a high quality, first-of-its-kind, affordable, small and comfortable in-ear, sound masking device that is made right here in the USA. All parts of the Tackler Masking Device are of the finest quality. Over 20000 Tacklers have been sold to customers and audiologists and now we are making The Tackler masking device available to the public. Priced at just $249, it is a steal for any buyer! So, order one for yourself or a snoring partner, and start living a better-quality life today.

The Tackler Comes with The Following:

See this video below to get an idea about the Tackler masking device. its design and how it works.

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The Tackler has already won the hearts of many audiologists and customers with its amazing performance. Read the reviews from some of our previous clients to get an idea about its functionality and how it can be of great help to you or your loved ones.

“We have had great success thus far with your Tacklers and appreciate your product.”

– Dr. Nicole Anzalone, Preferred Audiology Care 

“I travel a lot and this little unit has been amazing to drown out background noise and allow me to concentrate and get work done and be able to sleep while on the road. I use it at home now to get a good night’s sleep. I would highly recommend this little device.”

– Tim (Phoenix) Frequent Traveler

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the delivery of “The Tackler” safe and sound the other day. I found the sound it creates to be very soothing – evocative of an ocean breeze, just as you say. It all but blocks out the whining/hissing sound I have had in my left ear for the past 2 & ½ years now. But, more importantly, it already is helping me to associate ear noise with something which is NOT always negative. I’ve used the Tackler to help me fall asleep at night and it has been very, very helpful. And I’m feeling much less helpless/desperate now, as I feel that there is something concrete that I can do to attain relief. Your device is now helping me to have a sense of some control over this situation and this is giving me hope. Thank you very, very much for your product! My very best wishes to you in all your future efforts to reach as many fellow tinnitus sufferers as possible with information about the Tackler! Being so moved by experiences of personal suffering to alleviate the sufferings of others is one of life’s great mysteries. And I really mean GREAT! With my sincere gratitude,” 

- Jim Morris (NYC)

“I want you to know how pleased I am with the Tackler in ear distractor. I have been diagnosed with tinnitus for approximately 6 years and have had to deal with the constant high pitch ringing in my ears. I started using the Tackler for the past month and have really had great success from the masking device. It all but drowns out my tinnitus I found it really helps me to sleep at night and concentrate when I work during the day. I have been so pleased that I would like to order another device because my wife has trouble sleeping from my snoring and she has tried my distractor and said it drowns out all the snoring and she was able to get a good restful sleep which she hasn’t done in years. You have created an amazing little device that is a God send to someone suffering with this horrible ailment. Thank you again,”

- Timothy Oshields

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